Sunday, October 1, 2017

She Was There, I Promise

In June, my son and I participated in the Finish on the 50 5k at Arrowhead Stadium.  

Before we went to the starting line, I asked my son to take our photo.  A photo in which I was holding Miss Lake.  Luke took the shot, shut off the phone and off we went to walk/run 3.4 miles.  The best part of the race is getting on the field by way of the player's tunnel and having our picture on the Jumbo-Tron.  

The worst part?  At the finish line, the bastards ran out. of. water.  How does that even happen?  I lost about 20 gallons of sweat and there was no water at the finish line.  The organizers are lucky I didn't drop dead upon hearing the news.  Had I though, Luke might have gotten a free ticket or two to a Chiefs game.  He might have thought it was all worth it.

It was only later that we realized in Luke's effort to make sure both he and I were in the frame, he cut Miss Lake out!   He promised to work on his selfie skills.

Headed Home - February 23, 2017

Every February for the last 12 years, Curtis and I go to Port Aransas, Texas, for a quasi-family reunion.  It began when Dubya was president and the purpose of gathering was to impeach him.  (The group that meets thinks we are WAY more important than we really are.)   Politically, there is always something to bitch discuss, so even without a president to impeach (Thanks, Obama!), we decided to meet every February to drink, talk politics, surround ourselves with other liberals (and for those of us from Kansas and Texas, this is a wonderful benefit), and watch a basketball game on TV.

This morning way before dawn, we headed south.  Miss Lake Mexia was along for the ride.  The trip this year was going to include a special detour.  

We were stopping at Lake Mexia.
That's right....THE Lake Mexia.  
I was hoping to find out why Miss Lake Mexia was riding again.

Miss Lake arrives in the state of her birth.  Or at least the state of her purchase.

Located in east Texas,  Mexia was the home of Anna Nicole Smith.  (If I were making this up, honestly, would I pick Anna Nicole Smith for the celebrity born there?)  

Mexia doesn't have much, but it does have a lake.  And a recreational area.

Doesn't she look happy to be home?

I'm smiling because I'm ready to get back to civilization.  My "Love Trumps Hate" bumper sticker is likely to get me killed.  The people living around this lake did not get the memo that the South lost the Civil War.

Miss Lake was sad about leaving Lake Mexia until I explained that we were on our way to Victoria, Texas, for amazing barbecue.  
*As I write this on October 1, Victoria had some major damage due to Hurricane Harvey.  My fingers are crossed that by the time we return to Port Aransas (which may be a very long time), our favorite BBQ will be open again.

This kid didn't even blink when I asked if I could take his photo with Miss Lake.  
 Guess a crazy woman carrying a statue happens more often than we think.

Miss Lake loves the beach life!  

It's true - - life is better on the beach.

Except for the rattlesnakes.  I shit you not.

We stopped in Denton on the way home.  This police car was at our hotel long enough for Miss Lake to have her photo taken with it.  

Miss Lake is a wonderful traveling companion who fits nicely in a purse or backpack.  Or on the dashboard of my car.  

Clearly this girl is going to get around.

First Official Appearance - February 1, 2017

Miss Lake has been on the staff of Kansas State University for one month and it was time for her to earn her keep.  (You would be surprised to know how much alcohol this plastic woman consumes.  She and Sarah Palin are no doubt related.)  

To ease her into the high pressure world of student legal services, she was on the job at a rental information fair in the Student Union today.  Miss Lake supervised the Off-Campus Housing Support director as he advised students on the finer points of tenants rights.

Although Miss Lake is reasonably quiet (until she gets wound up due to the aforementioned alcohol), she made it clear in her own special way that she's not crazy about the temperature in Kansas in February.   She's a real Texas girl, this one.